Clinical Endodontics and Restoration

Clinical Endodotics and Restoration

1. Time: 8h - 16h, October 24th 2013

2. Presenters: Prof. Assoc. Thai Uyen Truong

                         Second Degree Specialist Duong Que Bui

3. Descriptions:

Prof. Assoc. Thai Uyen Truong:

  • Cercon Smart Ceramic system
  • The basic techniques of tooth preparation for crown and bridge restoration 
  • Impression techniques with hydrophilic silicon rubber (Aquasil)

Second Degree Specialist Duong Que Bui

  • Dental tubule preparation with NiTi rotary screw system with large taper ProTaper
  • Solutions to fix errors in endodontic treatment
  • Automatic motor for NiTi X-smart rotary instruments
  • Propex II - Latest multi-frequency technology with large colored display  
  • Method of root canal treatment 

4. Participants: Dental Doctors