Design service

1. Metal 3D Printing 

By using scanners to scan patients' mouths, metal 3D printer allows the manufacture of dental models and prosthetic parts such as crowns and bridges correctly based on measurements from the scan. This is a fast and contactless process that leads to pain relief on the patient's sensitive area and production cost reduce


- Highly accurate

- Convenient and time-saving

- Metal 3D printed dental materials are very strong, durable and detailed due to the combination of many materials with different properties in the printing process.


- Crowns and bridge

2. Resin 3D Printing

Resin 3D printer using 3D DLP printing technology has been researched and released without disappointing the user. 3D printing products from dental 3D printers make it easier to create dentures, jaws and gums faster, which saves a lot of costs. One of the methods of 3D printing is stereoscopic lithography with an accuracy of less than 1% mm, which is suitable for drilled models and can be used for many plastics in the field of dentistry.


- High accuracy

- High aesthetics

- Abrasion resistance increase for dental materials

- Affordable price


- Bridges and crowns

- Implant

- Clear aligner