Trien Tien Vu


Technical Manager


Mr. Trien Tien Vu - Technical Manager of Vu Gia Dental Lab

Mr. Trien Tien Vu is technical manager at Vu Gia Dental Lab. He is responsible for technical, professional monitoring and quality control of products before shipment. With many years of experience in the field of dental restorations, the products under his control not only ensure the quality but also exceed the expectations of customers.

It must be recognized that QC department has a very important role in a manufacturing company. The QC department's mission is to produce and deliver the perfect products to the market with the best quality. With the nature of work going on often and continuously, Mr. Trien conceives that he has never considered QC to be a pressure but a passion, although in large quantities, the quality of the product is always the top guarantee factor. In addition, Mr. Trien is also in charge of supervising technicians, assigning students according to each person's capacity, ensuring the skilled staff for the company.