Dien Tung Vu


General Director



Mr. Dien Tung Vu - General Director of Vu Gia Dental Lab

Being a techinician trained in a vocational school for dental restorations, after graduating, Mr. Vu Tung Dien boldly opened a company about manufacturing dental materials. From a small company that initially had only 5 technicians at the first branch, he tried his best, learned more from teachers and friends in the same field to develop the capacity and gain experience. It is their attention and support  that is an important motivation for him to  . Currently, he is the General Director of the company with 2 large factories in Hanoi and Bac Ninh and 13 branches receiving orders from provinces in Vietnam.

Up to now, Mr. Dien has 20-year experience but he has never stopped learning. He regularly attend training courses to improve knowledge and update new equipment and techniques in the world to bring customers the most optimal experience and methods.

His working philosophy is "working from the heart". Therefore, he always sees every employee in the company as a family member, shortening the distance between the leader and the employees, thus helping them feel comfortable and do their best at work. He also conceived that “Being the leader of the enterprise is similar to being a captain of the ship. The ship will follow the direction of the decision-maker. The captain himself will always learn and enrich his cultivate experience, face with storms, challenges to direct the ship in the right way to reach the goal. Being aware of this, at the beginning of my business, I always keep the mind that continuous learning and access to new technology in better ways are very important to achieve such success. I will keep this guidline to make Vu Gia Dental Lab as great team with high spirit and remark prestige of Vu Gia Dental lab throughout the world”. It is his determination and leadership capabilities that create trust and motivation for employees in the company.

It is undeniable that dental industry of Vietnam is 10-20 years behind that of foreign countries, due to the limited investment in science and technology. Vu Gia, under the leadership of General Director Vu Tung Dien, is on a journey to shorten the gap, bringing Vietnamese dentistry beyond the region and the world in the future.