Temporaries are used by the doctors after the patient's teeth has been milled and then their impression is sent to the Labo to design and manufacture the porcelain teeth. The doctors will put the temporary teeth to protect the patient's dentin and pulp. The material used to make it is mainly acrylic which does not irritate the gums and is suitable for oral health. Temporary aesthetics, chewing function rehabilitation are factors which are essential for those who need to communicate a lot while waiting for all-ceramic crowns


- Temporary aesthetics while waiting for porcelain teeth to be attached.

- Temporary restoration of chewing function.

- Protect pulp: prevent infection, minimize the sensitivity in case of root canal available 

- Regenerate the healing of gum tissue.


Durability and aesthetics are not high

Indication: The patient's teeth has been milled and waited for the porcelain teeth