E-max Veneers is one of the most popular choices for smile design technique in dentistry. The reason is that patients can both enhance the esthetics and health without shots, drilling or pain. E-max lithium disilicate veneers is both perfectly fit and high flexural strength as well.

Benefits for the patient:

Highly esthetic veneer with excellent light transmission, which helps to blend in with the natural dentition and overcome graying at the gingival margin.

The fit of the restoration is guaranteed through a revolutionary processing technique of pressed ceramics that adds to its durability.

The ceramic material wears similar to natural tooth enamel.

Non-metal substructure deletes allergic reactions to metal and low thermal conductivity reduces sensitivity to hot or cold.

Excellent soft tissue response and biocompatibility.

IPS Empress CAD

IPS Empress CAD is a leucite-reinforced glass-ceramic block for the CAD/CAM technology.

The IPS Empress CAD blocks combine the modern CAD/CAM processing technology with a high-performance all-ceramic material. With its homogeneity and light scattering behaviour, IPS Empress CAD provides a balanced chameleon effect. In addition to the light optical properties, the ceramic blocks are distinguished for their flexural strength of 160 MPa. IPS Empress CAD restorations enthuse users with their true-to-nature translucency and convincing esthetics.

IPS Empress CAD blocks are available in two different translucency levels and as polychromatic multi-blocks. They are supplied in A-D shades, Chromascop and modern light Bleach shades.